My Life

My name is Jonathan William Pohto I am 12 years old. I was born in Comox British Columbia on June 6th 2001 in the St. Joseph hospital. I live and been raised in Sointula all my life.
I went to pre-school here at A.J. Elliott for three or two years. Then I went to kindergarten and my teacher was Mrs. Watson as well as in grade 1. In grade 2 my teacher was Mrs. Quigley because Mrs. Watson had a new baby. In grade 3 we had Mrs. Watson back as our teacher and at the end of grade 3 my BEST friend/brother Graham Sousa had to move to Winnipeg, Manitoba because his mom and dad past away. In grade 4 we finally got to be in the intermediate class with Mrs. McKee as our teacher. In grade 5 we went to camp Homewood it was the greatest trip I have ever had!! In grade 6 we had Mrs. Lansdowne for our teacher and the grade 6’s had to get there vaccinations for Hep. A, B, and C. grade 7 so far nothing interesting hasn’t happened yet but the year is still young.
My parents are divorced. I have 2 sisters Chelsea is 14 and Kaleigh is 3 years old. My mom’s name is Janet and my dad’s name is Brian. My dad is 40 and my mom is 35.
My favourite sport is basketball and hockey. My favourite things to do are ride dirt bikes and play my Xbox 360; my favourite games for Xbox are Minecraft, Call of Duty black ops 2, Call of Duty ghosts, and Grand Theft Auto 5.
I have never been out of the country let alone the province. The farthest I’ve been in is Vancouver. The last time I was in Vancouver was about 4 years ago. When I was in Vancouver we when on a sky train, to the aquarium, and went to the IMAX Theater!!!
I wear a lot of name brand clothes such as DC, Hurley, quicksilver, ONiel, Billa Bong , Fox, Addidas, and Fila. There is a lot more but I can’t remember them and that is pretty much the entire name brands that I wear anyway.
My favourite memory of my life is when I was younger I was in the middle of a trampoline with my dad all of my cousins on my dad’s side of the family along with my older sister and one of my cousins boyfriend, and at the same time they all double bounced me real high in the air.
My favourite things to eat are pizza, hot dogs, burgers, tacos, nachos, hot wings, jalapeno peppers right out of the jar, burritos, subway, A&W, turkey sandwiches, crab, sushi, spring rolls, and Ms. Vicky’s jalapeno flavored chips. As you can see I really like spicy things!!
And That Is The Story Of My Life!!!!!

Opinion Piece Write

In Sointula extremely needs to think about building a pizza hut!! because in this town there is no actual restaurant, I have never met someone who doesn’t like pizza, and if sointula gets a Pizza Hut it will be a HUGE! tourist attraction.
sointula needs an awesome restaurant like Pizza Hut because we got no! restaurants what so ever!! Mainly because they didn’t get enough business. well at least we still got the awesome bakery!!
if Sointula got a Pizza Hut i’m sure that it will stay in business for a really long time because everybody loves Pizza Hut!!!!
In Sointula there aren’t really any “good” tourist attractions all we got are trails camp grounds and that kind of stuff. But if we get a Pizza Hut we will have an awesome tourist attraction and more of them would come back or maybe even move here!!
In the future I hope that people will think about my idea of building a Pizza Hut. if my idea persuades The R.E.C. and The Government to build a Pizza Hut I will be so happy.

Science Fair

Science Fair
Jonathan Pohto

Today March, 13th, 2014 was the one the only!!! Science Fair. I did an experiment on Juice Box Geometry! I got 4 different brands of Juice Boxes Nestea, Sun Rype, Minute Maid, and Western Family then I calculated the volume of each juice box.
I got my project idea at Thank the lord I only participate in science fair twice and only twice because I think science fair is point-less all it does is destroy kids dreams in pursuing science if they don’t get a placement!
I was extremely glad I didn’t get a placement because I really don’t want to go to regionals because then I will have to answer more questions!!!!! In all the years I’ve been in science fair I have never made it to regionals.
Of all the projects I saw at the science fair my favourite project would be Brooklyn’s. It was called battle of the taste buds. She was testing to see which gender can taste better with or without a nose plug. Males were better at tasting without the nose plug and the girls were better with the nose plug.
I am really thrilled that I don’t have to attend science fair next year because I will be at NISS. Honestly I don’t really enjoy participating in science fair at all!!

Track And Field

On June 12th the intermediate class and a few primary kids went to port hardy for the track and field meet. When we got off the ferry we got on the high school bus up to NISS (North Island Secondary School) usually the track meet is in the port mc niell track but this year it was at PHSS (Port Hardy Secondary School) there were quite a bit of activities like…..
Ball Throw, Shot Putt, Discuss, Long Jump, triple Jump, and High Jump those are all the field events now for all of the track events there is 100m dash, 200m, 400m, 800m, and 1,500m
I was in quite a bit of activities such as….
Discus, Long Jump, 100m Dash, 400m, and the 100 by 400 Relay the relay is when you have 4 people running the distance of the 100m dash.
I can’t wait to see if I got any ribbons in any of the runs but I think we get them at the graduation ceremony. I am definitely going to participate in track and field next year :)!!!!